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CompanySights pricing

See how we compare to other data providers and learn more about our simple pricing model.

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How much does CompanySights cost?

Pricing is based on the amount of data that you consume. Whether it is a single benchmark for one industry or all benchmarks for multiple industries, we've got you covered.

Single Benchmark for One Industry
£400 + VAT
For those who just want to benchmark one thing, such as a specific function in a company.
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All Benchmarks for One Industry
£4,000 + VAT
For users who are looking to benchmark more than one part of a company’s workforce.
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All Benchmarks for Multiple Industries
From $9,000
From £7,000 + VAT
From €8,000
For super users who need to benchmark several companies across more than one industry.
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Can I try CompanySights for free?

Yes! All users have access to some benchmarking data for free. We designed it this way so users can gain high level insights about an organization and explore the benchmark dashboard before making any purchase. Start your search here.

How does CompanySights source its data?

We source our data from a variety of traditional and alternative sources, such as surveys, statutory reports, company websites, press releases, and social media sites. To ensure data relevance and quality, we refresh our sources each year in line with statutory reporting cycles and rigorously cross-reference all new data for completeness. Learn more about our data.

I work in Private Equity. What can you offer me?

Private Equity investors can benchmark headcount in their portfolio companies through our “give to get” benchmark survey service. Find out more here.

Can I change the data that I have purchased or get a refund?

It’s really important that you select the correct industry and benchmark metrics before making payment because we cannot make changes or provide a refund after the payment is completed. We encourage you to contact us below with any questions that you may have about our service prior to making payment. If you would like to purchase another benchmark metric for the same industry, then you can easily do this in your benchmark dashboard.

What are the primary differences between CompanySights and top competitors?

Our complete benchmark coverage across industries and functions is what sets us apart from competitors. We were one of the first companies to combine both traditional and alternative sources generating one of the largest and most trusted headcount datasets in existence (and it’s still growing). We are also dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service and continuously innovating our products to further streamline the headcount benchmarking process. Learn more about us.

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